A rally to mark the one-year anniversary of Canadian and former Calgarian, Neil Bantleman, and his Indonesian colleague, Ferdi Tjiong’s unjust incarceration in a Jakarta prison will be held on:

Wednesday, July 15th at 5 p.m. in front of Calgary City Hall (Municipal Plaza)

Speaking at the rally will be:

Brett Wilson: parent of a child who was taught/coached by Neil Bantleman at Webber Academy, businessman, former member of the Dragon’s Den TV series.

Alie Ronellenfitch: parent of 2 children who attended Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia.   She and her family have moved back to Calgary, but were in Jakarta during Neil and Ferdi’s trial.

Jennifer Leong: teacher at Webber Academy and former colleague of Neil.

There will also be an opportunity to sign a large banner which will be sent to Neil and Ferdi after the rally.

This rally is to show our unwavering support for Neil, Ferdi and the 5 cleaners who were wrongly convicted of child sexual abuse in Indonesia, through trials riddled with issues of lack of fairness and transparency, for crimes that they did not commit. Crimes which, in fact, never happened.

Mr. Bantleman and Mr. Tjiong are teachers at the Jakarta Intercultural School and were unjustly accused of child sexual assault 100 days after the parents initially pointed fingers at 6 of the out-sourced cleaning staff at the school. Bantleman and Tjiong were arrested in July 2014, held without charges for months and convicted on April 2, 2015. Each has been sentenced to 10 years in prison (5 of the cleaning staff were also convicted. The sixth cleaner died in police custody under suspected torture). Appeals have been filed and a civil case against the school (the mother seeking US$125 million) is currently before the courts. A verdict in the civil case is expected mid-July-early-August. (See new website: for more details about the case.)

The purpose of the rally is three-fold:

  •  To show our collective support for these men and their families.
  •  To keep Neil`s story alive in the media to raise the consciousness of Canadians.
  •  To call on the Canadian government to increase their efforts towards Neil`s release and return to Canada, and to dissuade them from pursuing closer economic ties with Indonesia.

Any promotion of this critical event would be appreciated. We need the Canadian people to know that an innocent Canadian citizen’s freedom, good name and livelihood are being decimated by these false charges.

There will be visuals for photo opportunities.

Contact People:

Nan McKellar Email: [email protected]

Cell #: 403-701-1886

Nancy Purdy Email : [email protected]

Cell #: 403-875-6367

Both Nan and Nancy are available to answer questions by phone or email and will also be available at 4:30 for interviews on the day of the rally.