A scandal has ripped through the international community in Indonesia. 2 teachers and 6 cleaners have been accused of child abuse at JIS, Jakarta’s largest international school. But how much of the truth is public knowledge?

Neil Bantleman has worked as the Administration Learning Leader since 2010, while Ferdinand Tjiong has been a teaching assistant for 17 years.

The allegations arose against the cleaners on the 21st of March last year, then the teachers 5th June. After the teachers were implicated, the lawsuit filed against the school increased from USD $12.5 million to USD $125 million.

Since the allegations, 2 more victims have been named on the police report. As of the 3rd February 2015, the prosecution concluded its examination, and now begins the defense’s turn to present their case.

There is one crucial fact that is the inescapable raison det’re of this article; Neil Bantelman and Ferdi Tijong are clearly innocent.

Here are 30 facts that shed light on their fictitious accusations, mishandled investigation and baseless incarceration:

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