In a shocking reversal,  the Supreme Court of Indonesia this week overturned the acquittal of Neil Bantleman, ordering the Canadian teacher back to prison for 11 years. Bantleman had been accused of sexually abusing school children – but our investigation first broadcast in January exposed serious flaws in the case against him.

Bantleman and his wife Tracey were in search of adventure when they went to teach at a prestigious private school in Jakarta. But then came the horrifying accusation from a parent who believed her boy had been sexually abused by staff at the school. It set off a never-ending nightmare for the two Canadians. Bantleman was convicted of sex assault and served 13 months in jail until last August, when a lower court overturned his conviction.

But now Bantleman finds himself condemned once again to a decade behind the bars – despite glaring problems with the evidence used to convict him.