Full Statement by Guy Bantleman

The Prosecutors Office has announced that they have submitted the Memorandum of Cassation to the Supreme Court of Indonesia, which is the formal appeal of the decision of the High Court from mid-August. In addition to the appeal, Neil has been restricted from leaving Indonesia.

We understand that this is part of the judicial process in Indonesia and that any party can appeal to a higher court for any case decided in a lower court.

“We are disappointed with the fact that this case is being appealed given the irrefutable evidence that proved there was no incident with any child, and nothing happened with the exception of the trauma inflicted by the child’s parents related to these baseless allegations. I am concerned that this process will add more suffering to my brother Neil, Ferdi, and their families as they have been put through enough over the past 16 months being accused of something they did not do, and something that did not occur. ”

“We are grateful that Neil and Ferdi have been proven innocent and fully acquitted by the High Court, but we know our fight is not yet over. We will continue to fight for the truth to fully emerge. We are fully confident that the decision of the Supreme Court will lay to rest any doubt or speculation and to PROVE this case was a complete fabrication. There should not be any doubt as to Neil’s innocence and all we want is the restoration of his good name and safe return to his family in Canada.”

“I once again call on the Canadian government to issue a statement in support of Neil.”

We will keep on fighting for justice to PREVAIL, for the innocent and for their families and futures.