Kent Herr + GuyJohn BarlowMP Len Webber with Guy and Janet in Ottawa


We continue to meet with various Government officials and representatives from Global Affairs. Last week, Janet Gallucci and myself met with several members of the Global Affairs team and continued our discussions regarding the various options being investigated to resolve this nightmare that Neil has been embroiled in.

“We are encouraged that we continue discussions with Global Affairs and review the various options that are available to Neil. We all agree that we have one goal, and that is to bring Neil home as soon as possible. The challenge is obviously dealing with a sovereign nation, and trying to use the pieces available to us to bring this ordeal to a quick resolution. Regular meetings will occur to continue this work, and ensure communication between our family and the Government is timely and accurate.” Guy Bantleman

In addition to the meeting with Global Affairs, we met with several MPs. Kent Hehr, MP for Calgary Centre and Minister of Veterans Affairs, and John Barlow, MP for Foothills have both been very supportive of Neil’s plight, and again both pledged their support.

“We are encouraged by the support Neil is getting from both sides of the House. This has never been a political issue, this is a human issue, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Every minute, every hour, every day, is too much time for my brother to remain incarcerated.” Guy Bantleman

We were also very moved to be in the House of Commons, when Len Webber, MP for Calgary Confederation rose and delivered a Member Statement.

“Len has been an outstanding advocate for Neil, and to be present in the House to hear his Member Statement was truly inspiring. The acknowledgement of the Statement throughout the House illustrates that Neil’s issue is well known and we have the support of the Government and all parties.” Guy Bantleman

With respect to Neil’s conditions, Neil has been relocated to a new cell with his colleague Ferdi and he has now obtained a mattress and a small fan. We are also trying to procure a table and chairs so Neil no longer needs to eat his meals on the floor. Physically, Neil is experiencing some back pain but self-treating with exercise and stretching to help him resolve this pain.

“While we are encouraged that Neil can be slightly more comfortable, he remains in a very dangerous situation, and in conditions that are deplorable.” Guy Bantleman