Neil continues to be held in a very unsanitary and dangerous area of Cipinang Prison in Jakarta, Indonesia. Continued efforts by Neil and the support team on the ground in Indonesia are focused on getting Neil into a safer environment while we work on gaining Neil’s ultimate freedom. “This move will be paramount to ensuring Neil’s physical safety and continued good health for the coming weeks and months.”

The efforts to gain Neil and his co-accused, their release continues on three fronts.

The Judicial Review will be pursued based on Neil’s legal team documenting issues with evidence during the various trials. In addition, a review of the legal process that has rendered the various guilt verdicts will also be addressed. The perfection of this review document can not be completed until the full written decision of the Supreme Court is received and reviewed by Neil’s legal team. This is expected to happen by mid-April, with the review document filed by the end of May.

Diplomatic efforts by the Canadian Government continues in conjunction with efforts of other countries, including the U.S., British and Australia. Neil’s brother Guy was in Ottawa last week and held meetings with numerous MPs and the Department of Global Affairs. “We are pleased to finally see the support Neil’s has deserved all along being provided by the Government and Global Affairs. There are a number of initiatives being pursued involving all levels of the Government, from both sides of the House. These diplomatic actions are imperative to achieving Neil’s release.” Guy is scheduled to return to Ottawa next week for further meetings.

Finally, discussions are ongoing in relation to retaining counsel in Canada to assist in a judicial/political solution that will focus on Neil, Ferdi and the five cleaners still being held. “It is very important to recognize all of the lives impacted by this nightmare, and the will of the group is to ensure that justice is delivered to all involved”.