MEDIA UPDATE – Neil Bantleman – June 20th , 2016

Neil remains in prison in Indonesia along with his colleague Ferdinant Tjiong. Neil remains physically and mentally strong. Neil spends his time exercising, reading, and practicing meditation. This is a difficult time of year, as most of Neil’s friends and colleagues have departed Jakarta for their home countries for summer holidays.

The attached handwritten letter is from Neil, and highlights his continued appeal for the truth to be revealed. “This is a heart felt message from Neil describing his thoughts and feelings regarding this entire nightmare. His spirit is resolute and echoed by thousands and thousands of people world wide.” (Guy Bantleman)

The Canadian Government continues to be proactive in dealing with this situation. There is regular communication between the team supporting Neil and Global Affairs. “We are appreciative of the actions of the Government. We are currently receiving support from both sides of the globe. This is not a political issue, but rather a humanitarian issue and that is how it is currently being dealt with.

Obviously until Neil is safely back home in Canada, we will not be completely satisfied, but we do feel the actions of the Canadian Government and Global Affairs are making a difference.” (Guy Bantleman)

Neil’s lawyers recently visited Cipinang to update Neil on the legal front. They are currently preparing a draft of the Judicial Review, which they will file in the coming months.

The Australian Broadcasting Company (“ABC”) is currently airing a two-part investigative report on this case. In conjunction with the Fifth Estate report, the ABC conducted their own investigation into this saga.

The first episode was aired June 14, 2016 and can be viewed at that this URL.

The second episode will be aired June 21, 2016 and will be posted on ABC Foreign Correspondent shortly

after airing. The preview of the episode can be viewed at this URL.


The group Kawan8 that is fighting for justice for the Innocent 8 was recently interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald. fight-for- cleaners-and- teachers-accused-of- rape-at- jakarta-intercultural- school-20160613- gphyvo.html

A vigil in Calgary is currently being planned to mark the two-year anniversary of Neil and Ferdi’s initial detention on July 14, 2014. More details will be provided as the event is finalised.

All information provided in this update can be used and shared. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this matter or any of this information further.

Guy Bantleman

Neil’s letter: 

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