Singapore Defamation Case

  • Jakarta Intercultural School teachers Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjiong have recently won the defamation lawsuit against DR, the mother of one of the alleged sexual abuse victims, in Singapore. In the ruling, the High Court of Singapore said that accusations of sexual abuse inflicted on AL, her son, could not be proven. The court ordered DR to pay a total of SGD 230,000 in damages or as much as Rp 2.3 billion. From the total amount of damages, DR was ordered to pay SGD 130,000 to Neil and Ferdi, and SGD 100,000 to the school.

The High Court of Singapore based its ruling on three considerations.

  1. First, the absence of evidence indicating sexual abuse. The KK Women’s and Children Hospital, where the child underwent a thorough medical examination, failed to find wounds or scars surrounding his anus. DR and her husband asked their son repeatedly if he had been sexually abused, but the child kept denying it.
  2. Second, the high court found evidence in form of a text message sent by DR to a friend, commenting on the media coverage on the case. In her text message, she claimed that news coverage was too excessive and that she never said her son was sexually abused.
  3. Third, the high court never found any evidence that JIS ever tried to hide the case. Instead the school voluntarily initiated a further investigation on the case.
  • High Court Appeal
    • Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjiong continue to wait for the outcome of their High Court appeal, which is currently in process in Jakarta. The outcome is expected in the next two to three weeks.
  •  Postponed – New Verdict Day in $125 USD Civil Case August 10th
    • The reading of the verdict in the Civil Case ($125 million USD) that was expected July 30th, was postponed. Judges explained that they have three cases they are currently finishing and need more time. See articles below. New verdict day is August 10th.
  • OC Kaligis
    • Further suspects have been named in the alleged bribery case involving the first mother’s lawyer, OC Kaligis, who was detained by the anti corruption commission (KPK) July 14th. The Governor of North Sumatra and his wife have now been named suspects and detained. The Supreme Court and Judicial Commission have been asked to review his other cases, one of which is the JIS Case. See related news below.
    • Recent News: Former Aide Turns on Kaligis

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