For more information about Kawan8, which translated into english means Friends of the 8, please follow their website and social media links below. If you are an Indonesian citizen or someone working and living in Indonesia and want to participate in Kawan8 events or volunteer please do reach out to this organisation. The fight for justice for the 8 innocent men and women continues and they need your continued support and advocacy!

Kawan8 is a volunteer association of netizens that have learned the truth about the JIS case through their research on the internet and through a follow-up investigation conducted by the Twitter account @kurawa in 2016. They are speaking out about the case on behalf of those affected….

“They are victims of injustice as a result of malicious prosecution or investigation with malicious intent and false charges,” said Arita GZ, Kawan8 coordinator, in a press release Monday, July 18, 2016. Kawan8 urged the Supreme Court also immediately bring down a copy of the verdict on six others.

They aim to launch public campaigns, disseminate information, and start other campaigns in the Internet. In addition, they plan to undertake various measures to expand cooperation with various organizations and individuals related to this case.

Kawan8 also opened an account in donation to support the initiatives of their movement and started a petition that you can sign here even if you are not Indonesian: Petition




Kawan8 Contact Information is below:

Hobbies house Lt.3 Kemang
Jl. Kemang 1 11
Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 87,778,326,703 (Arita)
Email: [email protected]