The following article (translated to English) was published on Friday Sept 18th. The article details Neil’s participation as a WITNESS in the case brought against the three individuals who filed the allegations against Neil and Ferdi, and the three doctors who signed the various “medical reports” that were utilized as evidence in the trial earlier this year.

“We will continue to fight through the appeal process to ensure the truth is known, and Neil and Ferdi are fully acquitted of all charges and there are no doubts of their complete innocence. In addition, we will ensure that the individuals who made these allegations, and those who furthered this entire fabrication, are questioned and made to answer for their actions.”

Guy Bantleman

English Translation:

Judged Free, JIS Teacher Neil Bantleman is a witness on Monday.

18 Sep 2015 at 19:58 pm, Jakarta. Jakarta International School (JIS) teacher Neil Bantleman, acquitted by the High Court (PT) of Jakarta, for the alleged sodomy of students at JIS, will be called to the National Police Headquarters Monday, September 21, 2015.

Neil is being called as a witness in relation to the police report that Sisca Tjong, wife of JIS teacher Ferdinant, filed against the parents of three former JIS student’s parents and three doctors (who signed medicals) for perjury in the case of alleged sodomy of their children at JIS.

“Our clients will be examined Monday morning at 8:00 am,” said the Hotman Paris Hutapea, attorney for Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjong, in a written message to

Hotman believes, the case is full of engineering. Because, after the Police Headquarters announced a serious investigation of the case, it was discovered that the parents of the three former JIS pupils (plaintiffs) moved abroad.

Plaintiff one, Theresia Pipit fled to Belgium, the complainant two Dewi Reich to Spain, and the third reporting party Oguzkan allegedly fled to Germany.

“It seems like all fear being exposed for engineering the case with allegations of sodomy and the ambition to earn money of US $125 million,” said Hotman.

Neil Bantleman was freed from Cipinang prison, East Jakarta, Friday, August 14, 2015; “On August 10th, the High Court stated that our client is innocent. I showed the letter stating this when we picked our clients up from Cipinang,” said Hotman.