The Rp 1.6 trillion (US$125 million) lawsuit filed by TPW against the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) continues to unravel new oddities, as seen in a hearing held at the South Jakarta District Court last Tuesday (5/26).

Judiati Setyoningsih of the JIS legal team from the Kailimang & Ponto Advocated Office said, Dr. Narrain – the initial doctor who examined MAK – found no signs of sexual abuse on the boy.

At the hearing Dr. Narrain Punjabi from the SOS Medika, who was presented as a witness, emphasized that in his initial examination of MAK on March 22, 2014, which involved a thorough physical inspection, the child’s entire body and rectum were in normal condition. The child did not even refuse or was against an inspection of his rectum. The mother, TPW, for her part, claimed that the boy was sexually abused and suffered intense trauma.

Results of lab tests performed on the child’s genitals and anus merely found bacteria and germs common to people, while a blood test related to HSV-2 concluded negative for IgG antibodies and positive for IgM.

Therefore, Narain had suggested TPW that a further examination should be done but she never returned. Judiati added, Narain’s statements were corroborated by a forensic test administered by Dr. Octavinda from the Cipto Mangunkusomo Hospital (RSCM). Both tests concluded that MAK’s anus was in normal condition and showed no irregularities.

Forensic specialist Ferryal Basbeth said that if children suffered multiple and repeated sexual abuse by adults, there would be damages to the victim’s organs. However, forensic test results conclude that the organs were in normal condition.

“The results of the two blood tests done after the examination at SOS Medika Klinik, namely at RSPI on May 2, 2014 and the Bhayangkara Hospital on July 16, 2014 show that MAK’s IgG antibodies were negative,” she said when contacted by a journalist, Thursday (28/5/2015).

Judiati further added that several medical data used by TPW in the case were not in line with facts delivered by either the hospitals or doctors. TPW is the mother of MAK, a former JIS kindergarten student said to have been sexually abused.

“In fact, several medical data presented by TPW did not prove the alleged incident ever happened. Statements given by the doctors and hospitals that examined MAK are valid proof that the alleged sexual abuse never occurred,” explained Judiati after the hearing on Tuesday evening (5/26).

For instance, TPW presented as court evidence a memo from Dr. Osmina from RSPI, who said that MAK suffered herpes after the child was sodomized by a pedophile in school. As it turned out, the memo was issued by Dr. Osmina following a request by the mother TPW so she could seek medical reimbursement from her husband’s company. The written clarification from the doctor was submitted to the JIS legal team.

“Eventually, the truth will emerge. We hope that the panel of judges can save Indonesia’s legal system by uncovering the truth in the case,” said Judiati. “This case is a test for law enforcers in Indonesia. Let’s hope that the innocent won’t be punished,” she further stressed.

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