ICCC Statement on JIS Verdict

Jakarta, lndonesia – (April 9, 2015) The lndonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), which is dedicated to supporting positive business growth for social and economic development in lndonesia through intemational trade and investment, is concemed that the reported lack of due process, which culminated in the guilty verdicts of Jakarta lntercultural School (JlS) teachers Ferdinand Tjiong and Neil Bantleman, will have a negative impact on the country.

Said Edwin Pieroelie, volunteer ICCC Public Relations Director, “Legal certainty and due process not only attract investment, reassure international tourists, and build a national reputation but are necessary and fundamental pillars of the rule of law in Indonesia. The ICCC has been carefully monitoring the Jakarta Intercultural School criminal case since the serious allegations were first levied in the spring of 2014 against the Indonesian cleaners and later against the JIS teachers. The reported irregularities in the investigative process, lack of reliable evidence and transparency raise questions and concerns- We are troubled both in terms of the handling and outcome of these cases as a matter of justice, and the negative impact of the national and international scrutiny Indonesia is currently enduring.”

We are hopeful that as these cases proceed through the Indonesian appellate process, all the relevant evidence will be given due consideration in a fair and imparlial manner as guaranteed by the lndonesian Constitution in the interests of justice and lndonesia’s national economic priorities of developing trade, investment and financial inclusion.