Human Rights Activist Suspects Fabrication in JIS Case

English translation of article, Jakarta: Human Rights Watch (HRW) activist Andreas Harsono suspects fabrication in the case of alleged sexual abuse involving Jakarta International School (JIS) teachers, Neil Bantleman and Ferdinand Tjiong.

Indications that the case was fabricated, he said, were seen in a Singaporean Court ruling that favored Tjiong and Bantleman. Both were extricated from charges of sexually abusing JIS elementary student AL based on results of an anoscopy done on the boy.

“Medical evidence used by the Singaporean Court as the basis behind its ruling can be considered by judges in Indonesia. This is because medical examinations done in Singapore are more detailed and involve more medical specialists,” he told on Thursday (8/5/2015).

Universitas Brawijaya law expert Fachrizal Afandi said that the courts must be bold enough to deliver breakthroughs that will save the law in Indonesia, as well as ensure that truth and justice are afforded to those entitled.

According to him, materials in the alleged sexual abuse case at JIS – which have become a point of contention in Singapore and Indonesia – are the same, namely the evidence and medical facts. Therefore, he added, medical facts should not be neglected to uncover the truth.

“Judges must be bold enough to deliver breakthroughs, so that innocent people won’t be punished for crimes they did not commit.” he explained.

On July 16, a Singaporean court ruled DR, the mother of AL, guilty and ordered her to pay US$230,000 or Rp 2.3 billion in compensation to Bantleman, Tjiong, and JIS.

DR was ruled guilty of defaming Bantleman and Tjiong, whom she accused of sexually abusing her child, AL. Results surrendered to the Singaporean Court, however, proved the two did not commit such abuse.

Additionally, results of medical examinations done on AL at a women’s and children’s hospital, did not find scars, abrasions or any indication of a sexually-transmitted disease in the boy’s anus.

AL had undergone a complete anoscopy administered by a team of surgeons, anesthetists, and psychologists. The results were deemed accurate as the examination involved total anesthesia that allowed thorough inspection of the anus.