Now that you’re aware of some of the facts about the case you’re probably wondering what you can do to help. You can raise awareness by writing to your local MP, congressperson or government official, requesting that they closely monitor the case and continue to press for a fair and transparent judicial appeal. You can write the local, national and international media and encourage them to investigate and report the story accurately. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other similar organizations can be contacted and encouraged to investigate the human rights abuses that have taken place. Please also let others know about this situation, share this website and keep Tweeting about this gross injustice.  You can also stay updated about the situation by making contact with other concerned supporters by joining the various Facebook groups. If you have an idea or initiative please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Letters of concern and support can be directed to any or all of the following people. You are welcome to use one of the templates provided (click the grey buttons) or you can write your own letter.

Canadian Government

Can use either email template (or both) for emailing the government contacts below. Please personalize the templates with your signature at the bottom and feel free to add your own personal thoughts. It is not necessary to use these templates, you can write your own content. We are providing these to just help make it easier to send for some.  Thank you! Your support is invaluable.

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

To learn how you can support the innocent cleaners and their families financially please send an email to [email protected] or can also donate via their Indiegogo donation page
Show your support with every post by adding a #FreeNeilandFerdi Twibbon to your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures

Download Blue on White Logo File       Download Gold on Black Logo File

BLUE ON WHITE  and GOLD ON BLACK logo file for ‪#‎FreeNeilandFerdi‬ T-shirts attached. You can take these to your local print shop or print yourself using an inkjet iron-on transfer.

Order Online: For a simple quick order (USA), you can go to to purchase. Please note these are the lowest prices we could find for online on-demand printing. One is required to put in a profit percentage, so the lowest available was selected (5%). Any profits that come in  for these sales will be donated to the Innocent Cleaners Fund. We are trying to locate other stores worldwide, if you know of any, please let us know.

We ask that you please use the blue transfer on a white t-shirt and the gold transfer on a black t-shirt. This will match the currently used designs people are using for #FreeNeilandFerdi worldwide. The #FreeNeilandFerdi font should print with a clear background on both shirts.

New  additions! These are all available at the Zazzle store, but can also click on  the image you like to print your own.


Free NeilFree FerdiFree Neil and Ferdi

BackT-Shirt-Justice-Blue.pdf Front T-Shirt-Justice-Blue.pdf T-Shirt-Justice For The Innocent 8-Print-Back.pdf T-Shirt-Justice For The Innocent 8-Print-Front.pdf T-Shirt-Justice For The Innocent 8-Yellow on White-Back.pdf T-Shirt-Justice For The Innocent 8-Yellow on White-Front.pdf

Another way to make your voice heard around the world about this injustice is through Twitter. Neil’s wife, Tracy Bantleman, posts updates through Twitter. You can also see the Updates section of this website. Please follow and feel free to re-tweet anything that Tracy tweets, re-tweet current tweets under each hashtag listed, and write new tweets to government officials, and human rights organizations using the hashtags #FreeNeilAndFerdi #justicefortheinnocent #bebaskanmereka

– Tracy Bantleman
– Justin Trudean
– Chrystia Freeland

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