(June 24): Canada protests 2 JIS teachers sentenced to 11 years in prison – That’s legitimate: Minister of Law and Human Rights

Short English Translation/Summary of Article

An article published by provides comments from Minister of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia, Yasonna Laoly. According to him, the protest launched by the Canadian government is not an intervention, but rather an effort to protects its citizen. “Every country will try to protect its citizens,” he said.  He added that “as long as what Canada is doing is in line with the Indonesian law, then it is not an intervention”. “Their intervention is  through legal avenue. They can enter in the legal process through the judicial review. And that’s legitimate,” he said.

The Minister also said that the Canadian government’s effort will not interrupt the legal sovereignty of the Indonesian government. “Our law is sovereign, that’s certain. [If] there are mistakes on our side, we must of course be open to criticism, and not pretend we’re the most perfect. If the judges have ruled and you think that’s the most perfect, it may not really. That’s why there’s the [legal] process from District Court, to the High Court, and Supreme Court. And the judicial review is an open avenue”, he said.