A crowd of over 100 people, from a variety of countries and cities (Singapore, Netherlands, United States and Red Deer, Chestermere, Calgary, and Okotoks) attended the July 15th Rally at City Hall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Former colleagues from Webber Academy, the Canadian International School in Singapore, and Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) as well as former students, friends, and family attended.  Brett Wilson, former Webber Academy parent, whose son was taught by Neil, spoke about the injustice. Former JIS parent Alie Alexandria Ronellenfitch spoke about the recent year in Jakarta, former Webber Colleague Jennifer Leong spoke about Neil’s character and reputation as an educator in the years she taught with him. The evening ended with a Naga Naga Naga cheer (JIS school cheer) at the suggestion of Neil’s mother, Corinne Bantleman, who also sent a wonderful message.
THANK YOU to the media who covered the event (660 News, 770 Newstalk, CBC, CTV and Global, Valerie Fortney of the Calgary Herald, and Metro news).
One purpose of the rally was to make some noise and be noticed. By all accounts the Rally raised awareness and was a great success.
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Organizers:  Nancy McKellar and Nancy Purdy.