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The family of Neil Bantleman, a Burlington teacher imprisoned in Indonesia for child abuse, says the officers who handled the case are being investigated.

Bantleman’s brother Guy says it’s hard to say what might come of the probe by the Indonesian National Police Pommission. Public inquiries into alleged irregularities by law enforcers in the case sparked the investigation.

Bantleman, 46, has maintained his innocence since he was arrested while working at the Jakarta International School last July. He and a co-worker were convicted of sexually abusing three children at the school, and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Neil’s brother Guy joined us live at CHCH and spoke about his expectations for this investigation. “I think you look at it with a little bit of trepidation. The police investigating themselves, you always are concerned about that just given the way the whole case has kind of played itself out.”

“There have been allegations all along about the methods of the investigation, how material was collected, how the alleged crime scene was replicated, the potential torture of the janitors. So there have always been questions about this entire case.”

“I do hope they are doing something that is fruitful and will lead to some answers to some of the questions we’ve had.”

Bantleman and his family have asked the federal government to review the case and speak up on their behalf, but Guy Bantleman says nothing appears to have come from that.

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