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Message from Neil and Ferdi


To all of our friends and supporters worldwide we want to thank-you for the many heartfelt and happy holiday messages. Hearing from you lifts our spirits and helps to raise our hope that this ordeal will end soon. We are extremely grateful for the continued advocacy and to all of you who continue to share [...]

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Artrophy Photo Cards


Posted on Facebook by Penny N. The gift of Neil's photography is available... IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Many people have asked on this forum what they can do to continue to raise awareness, from Canada and around the world. You likely have also admired Neil's stunning travel photography on Instagram (@artrophy) I felt the same, so [...]

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Kawan 8 holds Public Discussion at National University Jakarta

2016-12-12T10:50:05+00:00Jakarta News|

Kawan8 along with the Faculty of Law Student Association Himakum of the National  University in Jakarta held a public discussion Tuesday (29/11). The theme was "Dissecting the JIS Case Fabrication: Those Who Thirst for Justice". The bizarre allegations alongside the suspected financial motive of the plaintiff in the case involving Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) is proof that there is [...]

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