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News from Jakarta – Lawyers and Experts speak out

Lawyer Hotman Paris 

Hotman Paris Hutapea, the legal representative for the JIS teachers, emphasised that the Jakarta High Court verdict proved that the JIS case was fabricated. This case was not supported by any evidence. The Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore both asserted the alleged victim’s anus to be in normal condition. “The Jakarta High Court’s verdict proves that the JIS case was fabricated. The case was motivated by a large sum of money desired by the victim’s mother, but failed to be supported by evidence. The truth never fails,” stressed Hotman.

Indonesian Forensic Psychologist Reza Indragiri Amriel

Indonesian Forensic psychology expert Reza Indragiri Amriel supported the Jakarta High Court’s ruling to acquit the two Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) teachers. Reza stated in a talk show on Monday (8/17) that the alleged sexual assault of three JIS students did not occur. Instead, the three students suffered psychological abuse, not by the JIS teachers but by people closest to them. Reza explained that he had investigated the condition of the children. The results led the first Indonesian Master of Forensics Psychology to conclude that the alleged crimes never took place.

Criminal law expert from the Muhammadiyah University in Jakarta, Choirul Huda

Criminal law expert from the Muhammadiyah University in Jakarta, Choirul Huda said, “The High Court’s ruling in the JIS case is important in testing truth and justice since the District Court’s verdict is not always correct. This shows the importance of the High Court and Supreme Court for those pursuing justice but had their rights denied by the District Court,” said Choirul Huda to journalists, Tuesday (8/18)

Human Rights Watch activist Andreas Harsono

Human Rights Watch activist Andreas Harsono, believed that the High Court’s ruling to release the two JIS teachers, Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjiong, was different from the South Jakarta District Court’s verdict because it had undergone in-depth assessment, particularly as the case had so many oddities and strong indications of fabrication right from the start. According to him, the High Court concluded that the South Jakarta District Court did not try the JIS case well, thus prompting the High Court to grant the defendants’ appeal, while taking into account that a Singaporean court failed to find proof of sexual abuse. Andreas added that the two JIS teachers and PT ISS cleaners were judged by the public even before the trial had begun. Many facts appeared in court afterwards that disproved the assumptions built by investigators when the case emerged. “This is a legal issue. If there was no violence, then why should we punish the innocent? William Blackstone once said, “It is better for 10 guilty people to escape justice than for one innocent person to suffer.”

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Sisca Tjiong and Tracy Bantleman, the wives of convicted JIS teachers Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjiong, ignored the scorching heat this sunny afternoon. Both were seen jubilant upon greeting the two’s release. Sisca never thought heaven would hear her prayers. She always believed that her husband was innocent. Sisca has been married to Ferdinant for 13 years and blessed with two kids. The High Court’s ruling to acquit her husband has left her ecstatic.

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International News

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