In late January the Korean Community at JIS invited Tracy Bantleman and school administrator Murray Hodgson to share information about the current legal case and how it has impacted their lives thus far. Many families were keen to support the innocent and were looking for information on how they could best do this.

After the meeting the community decided on an action plan to support the innocent. In less than one month 7.5 million RP was raised by the Korean community for the cleaner’s families and Ferdi’s girls education fund. Beautiful handmade cards were also delivered to both Neil and Ferdi from some of the Korean student’s they both taught during their time at JIS. Several new families wrote heartfelt cards expressing their concern and support as well.

A special thank-you Tekla and Sue for inviting Murray and Tracy to the Korean community meeting to share their story. Thank-you to the entire Korean community for your generous donation.