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Kawan8 #dancingforjustice

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Kawan8 volunteers and students from the Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ Institut Kesenian Jakarta) held a flashmob on one of the largest main streets in Jakarta on Sunday March 5th during car free day. The flashmob illustrates that there is ongoing concern and public support for justice in the JIS case. Kawan8 continues to voice their concern about [...]

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Thank-you to the Korean Community

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In late January the Korean Community at JIS invited Tracy Bantleman and school administrator Murray Hodgson to share information about the current legal case and how it has impacted their lives thus far. Many families were keen to support the innocent and were looking for information on how they could best do this. After the meeting the [...]

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No justice No Peace – 3rd public discussion on JIS case.

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Indonesian Center for the Study of Law and Policy (PSHK) researcher Miko S. Ginting (far-left), legal expert Saut Irianto Rajagukguk (left), Kawan8 activist Fauzan (center-left), Indonesian Law Student Front (FROMHI) representative Wirawan Hipatios (center-right), Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) parent representative Ayu Rahmat (right) and family member of JIS case victim Kiki (far-right) attend a discussion [...]

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2017-01-08T08:49:11+00:00Uncategorized| recently reported on the top 10 most popular petitions of 2016. The petition on for the JIS case was one of the top 10 petitions in Indonesia - signed by 50, 913 netizens. People continue to sign the petition. Petition: In addition, crowdfunding site noted that in the national issue category, the JIS case was [...]

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